Kale: Health Skin and Hair Benefits

There is always something in vogue every now and then, be it Gangnam Style, iPhones, animal prints or the Segway scooters, there is always something raging in the market, and if they are lucky, these fads become commodities. They become popular due to some uniqueness which no other counterpart has and thus become immortalized as a trend for everyone to follow. One such trend that has become a much needed commodity is Kale, it is all over the food network not just for its taste but for the life changing benefits it gives and here are some that you might like:

Health Benefits of Kale

1. Improves Urinary Health

Kale is a source of calcium and iron, calcium binds oxalates in the digestive tract stopping them from getting absorbed. Their absorption leads to kidney stones but kale being low on oxalates makes it excellent for maintaining a good urinary health and avoid many diseases.

2. Beneficial for DNA

Kale is very beneficial for protecting our DNA, yes you heard it right. Illnesses pertaining to our DNA like thalassemia, Alzheimer’s, cystic fibrosis are very had to treat, but if we have a habit of eating the right food beforehand then chances of these diseases ever touching us decrease significantly. Hence we have kale, the best diet to avoid DNA related problems and also easing the symptoms in case we do suffer from any of them.

3. Reduces Fatigue

Kale consists of Isothiocyanates which trigger a protein called NRF2 in your cells which causes the generation of mitochondria (powerhouse of the cell) which in turn converts glucose to ATP which is responsible for regulating the energy consumption in the body. Hence, mitochondria provides energy to your muscles to perform various activities for a long time therefore eliminating the feeling of any fatigue.

4. Helps Prevent Cancer

The biggest kale benefit for health is that it’s known to protect us against the risk of getting cancer. It’s packed with indole-3-carbinol which prevents cancer and sulforaphane which fights cancer cells at molecular level and halts their growth. Also, the antioxidants such as flavonoids and carotenoids neutralize free radicals and prevent them from attacking the electrons and damaging the healthy cells.

The chlorophyll in kale prevents your body from absorbing chemicals like heterocyclic amines, which are a resultant from grilling meat at high temperatures and can be a cause of cancer. Chlorophyll sticks itself to these toxins and prevents your body from absorbing any, thus preventing cancer. Kale is also rich in fibre which helps prevent colorectal cancer.

5. Improves Digestion

As mentioned above, kale is high in fibre and is also high in water and as it so happens both are important for maintaining a healthy digestive system. Both these nutrients help in smooth bowel movements, prevent constipation and other forms of gastric distresses. Not only do the leaves of kale provide nutrition but the stems are a rich source of prebiotics which are food for your microbiome. All the bacteria in your digestive system are eliminated keeping issues like indigestion, intestinal infection, and constipation at bay. If you are not a fan of eating raw kale then a simple recipe like adding a bit of olive oil and sea-salt to sautéed kale will make them taste better while giving you all the required nutrition all at once.

6. Aids in Weight Loss

There are many health benefits of kale and one such benefit has made it a very popular name in the weight loss department, many people are choosing kale in their foods and enjoying kale salads, sautéed kale, kale with garlic in their meals. It is because kale provides abundant energy while being very low on calorie and that is the only key to weight loss. The fibre and protein present in kale also aids in weight loss by inducing a feeling of fullness for long hours which subdues your appetite and prevents untimely binging.

Another reason for it to be an weight loss component is the fact that it is packed with numerous nutrients like vitamins C, K, A, B6, manganese, calcium, copper, potassium and magnesium which results in you getting enough nutrition throughout your dieting while you are avoiding certain foods.

7. Improves Liver Health

Kale has natural detoxification properties which is necessary in order to keep our liver healthy. It is filled with fibre and sulphur which keeps the digestive system healthy and also removes toxins from our bloodstream. Also, liver turns cholesterols into bile acid which helps us absorb fats, once the fat is absorbed they return to the bloodstream but sometimes bile acid sequestrants prevent them from being reabsorbed into the blood stream, thus lowering cholesterol levels in the body. Kale contains bile acid sequestrants which reduces cholesterol levels, keeping the liver and heart healthy.

Skin Benefits of Kale

8. Aids in Skin Detoxification

Kale is a natural detoxifier, it purifies the skin by removing dead skin cells, build-ups and opens pores for skin to breath properly. The antioxidants in kale fight of free radicals and toxins, cleansing the skin thus making the skin beautiful, soft and radiant. Apart from antioxidants, the fibre in kale not only detoxes the skin but the entire body as well.  

Kale is also enriched with beta carotene which transforms into vitamin A when required by the body. It is a key compound for repair and maintenance of tissues especially of the skin and hair. Kale is also packed with vitamin C which produces the collagen protein used for giving structure to the skin, hair and bones.

9. Loaded with Vitamins and Iron

Do you have dark circles under your eyes? Are you sick of seeing fine lines and wrinkles appear on your skin every now and then? If yes then kale is what you need. Kale is rich in vitamin K which reduces the purple pigmentation of dark circles and make your eyes brighter and beautiful, all you need to do is drink a kale-based smoothie/ add kale to your regular smoothie or apply kale-based creams under your eyes and see the results yourself.

The vitamin K will also help in tightening your skin thus reducing fine lines and wrinkles and will make your skin look younger and radiant. Vitamin C on the other hand boost collagen and protects your skin from the harmful radiation of the sun. Vitamin A repairs any damage caused to the skin tissues and fights off cancer causing free radicals. Apart from all these vitamins, iron in kale is useful for healing the skin rapidly after any trauma or damage like acne or blemishes.

Hair Benefits of Kale

10. Prevents Hair Acne

Being rich in antioxidants makes kale the perfect solution for treating acne, and not just face acne but also hair acne. It also has anti-infection properties which are help rid various infections of the scalp. These antioxidants don’t only treat your hair against infections but also make hair healthy and shining. 

An easy recipe for long lasting hair health is mixing egg whites, kale extracts, Indian gooseberry (Amla) and Multani Mitti. Apply a paste of these ingredients twice a week for a month and never face hair acne again. 

Another recipe to get healthy and shinning hair is mixing kale with almond oil, amla extract and egg white. Once a week, apply it as a mask and leave it for 20 minutes before hair wash and watch your hair grow stronger and shinier.

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