Ginger Benefits for Health and Skin

Quick question, which home remedy comes to your mind first when you have a sore throat? Another one, which spice eases your flu and fights infections? The last one, a monkey doesn’t know the taste of which spice? All these questions have one answer, Ginger. A monkey may not know how ginger tastes like but for those who know let’s explore some more benefits which can come in handy someday. 

Health Benefits of Ginger 

1. Treats Chronic Indigestion

If there is one thing that every Indian inherits from their family, if not money and properties, is all kinds of gastric distress. From acidity to indigestion to intestinal infection, we have got it all, and why not, all of our food items scream tummy troubles. That’s why we Indians have become champions in treating stomach ailments especially with homemade remedies, and one such remedy is ginger. 

Indigestion one of the most common stomach ailment and it’s usually caused by a delay in bowel movements. Taking dried ginger or ginger tea can help quicken the bowel movements and empty the stomach. It is not only helpful during indigestion but also effective during all digestive problems.

2. Eases Menstrual Pain

Menstrual pain, also known as dysmenorrhea is felt by women in the abdominal region during their menstrual cycle. It is characterized by a sharp pain in the abdominal and the lower back region that can last from a few days to entire the entire cycle. In many cases, these pains tend to become severe which require immediate medical attention.

One of the benefits of ginger is pain relief and it has been proven to be specifically successful in eases menstrual pains. It has been proven to be more effective than any placebo and is as effective as medicines prescribed during such pains. It gives better results if taken during the initial days of the cycle.  

3. Fights Infection

Ginger has a very distinctive scent and taste which makes every recipe tastier and healthier. One of its essential oils is called Gingerol which protects the body against harmful bacteria and infections. Its anti-inflammatory capabilities and antioxidants fight free radicals and reduce oxidative stress and aids in preventing cancers, heart diseases, and diabetes. 

Ginger is also well known for treating diseases like gastral distress, nausea, common cold, and flu. Ginger also obstructs the spread of several harmful bacteria like bacteria causing gingivitis and periodontitis, and also respiratory syncytial virus which is the basic cause of many respiratory infections.

Skin Benefits of Ginger

1. Manages Dandruff

Ginger has been used as a means to promote hair health for many ages. Ginger has been successfully used to treat hair problems like dandruff, hair loss, and split ends. A known recipe to support hair health is adding ginger, onion, and any oil like aloe, castor, and olive oil. This recipe repairs the toughest damages to the hair.

One of the most common hair problems faced by everyone is the small powder-like substances that form on the scalp and lowering weakens the hair and causes severe hair fall. If you also face this problem and all the expensive shampoos aren’t working the wonder that they claim then I strongly suggest you give the antiseptic properties of ginger a chance, it’s natural, inexpensive, and hundred percent effective. 

2. Clear Acne

If there is one thing that we crave after a fit body is clear skin, and the biggest obstacle that stands between such dreams are pimples, scars, and acne. Ginger comes to our rescue in this matter as well, its medicinal properties improve the structure of the skin and keep skin healthy and glowing.

The antioxidants present in ginger help treat acne, blemishes, and uneven skin tone by improving the renovating the core of the skin and improving its appearance.


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