10 Delicious Fat Burning Foods You Need to Add to Your Diet

If you heard the song “yeh laskhsya hai tera” Javed Akhtar must have been going through a weight loss journey at the time of writing it because nothing describes weight loss more aptly than this song. This process is very hard and don’t you ever wish that weight loss transformations in movies is as fast and inspiring in real life? Well, they might not be fun in real life but here are some of the best foods for weight loss that will surely help you achieve the lakshya. 

Top 10 Fat burning Foods

1. Dark Chocolate

Yes you read that right, chocolate will help you burn fat, but before you run out to buy Dairy Milk Silk let me tell you, DARK CHOCOLATE is one of the foods that burn fat. Seeing it on the list might be a little hard to believe but to promote the production of polyphenolic compounds microbes in our stomach ferment dark chocolate. 

A fatty acid called Butyrate which is a polyphenolic compound pushes the body to burn fat and neutralizes inflammation-causing genes. Especially chocolates with a cacao content of more than 70% are said to be high in polyphenol. It’s also a healthier option for people who love sweets, apart from filling the stomach it also replenishes sugary needs by spiking up insulin levels. All these benefits have given dark chocolates a place among the best foods for weight loss.

2. Spaghetti and Meatballs

meatballs to burn fat

Weight loss journeys aren’t just about eating right and healthy, it’s also about fighting unhealthy cravings and replacing them with healthy choices. So instead of choosing unhealthy snacks and meals during cheat days eat nutritious foods like spaghetti and meatballs. These healthy choices keep your routine on track along with providing a break from the diet foods. Spaghetti and Meatballs are among weight loss foods that you can enjoy as cheat meals without any guilt.

While choosing cheat meals go for the ones with high carbohydrates because they greatly influence leptin levels, these levels help burn fat and still feel full. The protein in it affects the appetite-regulating hormones and also regulates energy consumption during digestion. So next time someone invites you for an Italian cuisine feel free to indulge in tasty fat burning foods like spaghetti and meatballs.

3. Lime Juice

Water is the basic essence of life, and it is an elixir for us when presented in a pure and natural form, no matter what the colour. Drinking water regularly is necessary for our body’s much needed hydration and smooth functioning of our metabolism, drinking water during the day keeps you full throughout preventing you from munching unnecessarily. 

One of the best variants of water to enter the list of best foods for weight loss is lime water, apart from its savoury taste it has an antioxidant called D-limonene in its peel which has been known to have helped in reducing high-fat content in the body which, if not treated on time, can lead to obesity. It is also a healthier choice than other carbonated sugary drinks in the market. Those drinks can lead to weight gain, increased blood sugar levels, and weakening of the bones, but squeezing a fresh lime in fizzy water/soda will cut down the sugar response of our body to other foods preventing the accumulation of fat. 

4. Oats

oat to burn fat

Oats don’t need any introduction in this field, when talking about foods to eat to lose weight oats are always recommended by 10/10 dieticians, nutritionists and even health cautious friends. They might not rank high in taste and need the help of fruits or nuts to become flavoursome, but they are always held in high regard when someone mentions weight loss foods and fat burning foods. 

Oats are rich in protein and soluble fibre which keeps the stomach full for longer hours preventing unnecessary snacking or eating at the wrong time which leads to missing out on mandatary daily diets (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Being low on the glycaemic index regulates the body’s blood sugar levels which also helps control unhealthy cravings. Oats also contain prebiotics which feeds the good bacteria in our body, improving gut health. People who prefer oats over bread and rice have a 10% less chance of developing belly fat. 

5. Apples

Apples are just the reason behind revolutionary scientific discoveries or producing amazing technologies (see what I did there?) they are also among the top weight loss foods. These nutritious balls of health consist of flavonoids and fibres that are essential elements for weight loss. They are filled with a particular fibre called the pectin fibre which takes a significant time to break down, thus instilling a feeling of fullness. 

Apples are also a healthier choice, they are low in sugar and calories making them ideal foods to eat to lose weight fast. The fibre content also improves gut health by eliminating obesity causing bad bacteria. Granny Smith apples are known to improve gut health better than other varieties of apples, so next time someone asks you about foods that burn fat, be sure to mention apples.

6. Salmon

salmon to burn fat

Salmon is the ultimate fat burning food, it helps the process in every way possible, and so fish lovers listen up. Salmon is full of protein which helps gain muscles and the more muscles we have, the more fats are burnt in our bodies. When talking about weight loss foods, salmon brings more than just protein to the table, it’s rich in omega-3 fatty acids whose primary task is to aid in fat burning. Not only that, but it also prevents the accumulation of fats anywhere in the body making it a perfect weight loss companion. 

It also is full of vitamins D and B6 which provide more nourishment and less fat, thus it can be enjoyed without guilt especially by overweight people. Also, selenium regulates the thyroid glands and the proper functioning of the metabolism. 

7. Kefir 

kefir to burn fat

Kefir is a fermented dairy drink with a smoothie-like texture and a creamy taste. It has loads of probiotics that improve gut health particularly preventing constipation or even diarrhoea and bloating. It is included among fat burning foods because it’s rich in protein which is responsible for keeping us full for a long time, which prevents us from eating unhealthy foods at an improper time. 

Kefir might not be the best “food” for weight loss because it’s a drink but that doesn’t mean it is any less effective. Having a full glass with your breakfast will not only give you enough nourishment for the entire day but also acts as a detoxifier preventing many major diseases from creeping up. 

8. Olive Oil

Olive oil contains fat itself but just like good and bad bacteria it has good fat which reduces the levels of inflammation in our body which makes room for the accumulation of fats. It does so by halting the production of COX-1 and COX-2 in our body with the help of a polyphenol called oleocanthal present in it, if that’s not weight-loss food behaviour then I don’t know what is. 

Olive oil is also filled with monounsaturated fatty acids which induce a feeling of satiety preventing you from eating any other trans-fat or refined products which have high calories and are also very unhealthy for us. Fat burning foods need to be prepared in fat burning oils for quick fat burning results. 

9. Whole Grain

Now I know what you’re thinking having grain or rice in the list of weight loss foods can be confusing but just keep reading and see why it’s here. You see refined grains are the bad guys who contribute to weight gain and fat accumulation so we need to steer clear of that. While on the other hand, whole grain is among the fat burning foods that you need to add to your diet ASAP. 

Whole grains reduce bloating, reduce belly fat effectively and the mineral content balances the effects of sodium in our body. So instead of eating refined grain content like rice, white bread, switch to weight loss foods like cereal, brown rice, brown bread, popcorn etc.

10. Plum

plum to burn fat

Plums are one of the best foods for weight loss and this is a fact that not many people know. The reason lies in the colour of this fruit, plums are red due to the presence of flavonoids like anthocyanins in them and also phenolic compounds which obstruct the workings of fat accumulation genes in our body. It also consists of pectin fibre which puts a certain limit on the absorption of fat by the cells of our body. So now that you know that plums are weight loss foods, be sure to enjoy this yummy fruit instead of chips or cookies. 

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