Cinnamon Health Benefits

Everyone who loves eating cinnamons buns and drinking apple cider during warm winter nights, let me give you 5 more reasons to relish as much cinnamon as you want. Before we begin allow me to introduce this fragrant spice in the most deserving way. The reason I’m doing this because there was a time that cinnamon was more valuable than gold and was even traded as currency. 

Have you ever wondered where does cinnamon come from? It is formed from the internal bark of a small evergreen tree. The bark is carefully skinned and laid in the sun until it’s completely dry. Once they are completely dry, they automatically roll into sticks popularly known as cinnamon sticks. These sticks are also beaten finely into their powdered form. Apart from its scent and taste let us now discuss some of its more important benefits:

Benefits of Cinnamon

1. Defensive Properties

Cinnamon is a very valuable spice, apart from its mesmerizing scent, it has many medicinal and healing capabilities. It is for this reason that it is a vital ingredient in many Chinese herbal medicines. Its bark, called the Cinnamaldehyde, is its most essential part and all of its scent and essential oils are created and stored there. Cinnamaldehyde has anti-fungal, anti-virus and anti-bacterial properties. It is said that cinnamon can play a vital role in deducing the medicine for HIV/AIDS.

It is also abundant in polyphenol antioxidants which help prevents many diseases and these antioxidants also have anti-inflammatory properties.

2. Prebiotic Properties

One of the great functions of cinnamon is that it increases the quantity of “good” bacteria in the body and eliminates the development of harmful bacteria. This helps improve gut health and keep the entire digestive system healthy or in simpler terms, keeps tummy aches away. Cinnamon is loaded with manganese, calcium and fibre which also aids in protecting the digestive system and keeps it light and free. 

It is known to treat many gastric disorders like flatulence, digestive imbalance, and increases blood flow and increases oxygen levels. Cinnamon bark oil and grated cinnamon are used in many foods and hot drinks to keep problems like indigestion and gas. 

3. Heals Chronic Wounds 

Spices like cinnamon have anti-microbial properties that are known to kill bacterial biofilms and promote rapid healing of wounds, no matter how chronic. Its anti-inflammatory properties protect the body against infections and promote repairing of the tissues. 

4. Improves Sensitivity to Hormone Insulin

Insulin is responsible for protecting the body’s metabolism, conserve energy, transferring blood sugar from the bloodstream to the cells of the body. Unfortunately, some people are resistant to insulin and this makes way for diseases like type 2 diabetes to creep up in the body. Cinnamon can reduce insulin resistance resulting in enhanced metabolism and helps in preventing the risk of diabetes. 

Cinnamon protects the body against diabetes by regulating the levels of glucose by mixing up with various digestive enzymes that slacken the breakdown of carbohydrates after every meal. Also, cinnamon consists of a substance that’s can be used for the cells as it can impersonate insulin.

5. Protects Against Neurodegenerative Diseases 

Neurodegenerative diseases cause progressive losses of functions of cells in the body. Two of the most prominent nerve disorders are Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s which are incurable but their progression can be halted by managing their symptoms. 

Cinnamon has been seen to improve motor controls, regulate neurotransmitters and improve neurons of patients suffering from nerve disorders, especially the former two diseases which can help the patient carry out daily tasks without much problem. This happens because cinnamon consists of two composites that build up the tau protein and amyloid peptides in the brain, which are some of the trademarks of Alzheimer’s disease. 

Other benefits of cinnamon include regulation of diabetes, prevention of cancer, decreasing the risk of heart disease, helps in reducing “bad” cholesterol levels, ability to treat candidiasis, has anti-carcinogenic properties, helps regulate PCOS, improves eyesight and can be used as a room freshener and insect repellent.

6. Reduces Arthritis Pain

A very good and effective advantage of cinnamon is in the form of treating a compliant inflammation pain, which is also called arthritis. Anti-inflammatory agents in cinnamon powder are know for treating conditions such as gout and other tissue disorders. Cinnamon also contains specific antioxidants such as cinnamaldehyde and cinnamic acid that can reduce cell damage.

7. Decreases PMS Problems

A question for all the ladies, have you ever tried fresh cinnamon tea made from cinnamon powder during your period? If not, then try it and see how useful it is in treating the associated cramps and abdominal pain. Cinnamon powder can also help in regulating periods and unbearable bleeding disorders faced by many women. So next time that gut wrenching pains comes to ruin your day, attack it with a nice cup of cinnamon tea and watch it run away in seconds.

8. Treats Infertility

Now that periods have been taken care of lets tackle another problem faced by women. Ladies who are struggling with their sex life or struggling to conceive, cinnamon can do wonders for them. Cinnamon powder is known as cinnamaldehyde and contains several natural chemicals. These chemicals are known to improve progesterone levels, lower testosterone levels, and balance fertility in women. A well-balanced hormonal balance is always suitable for fertility and sexual health.

9. Prevents Bad Odour

Are you suffering from bad breath? Or are looking for a natural room fragrance? Give cinnamon powder a try. Putting a small stick in your mouth might make your soul jump out of your body for a second, but trust me its worth it. Cinnamon in the form of a cinnamon tea helps relieve bad breath, and it also acts as an environmental odor neutralizer. By putting cinnamon oil or cinnamon powder in water and using it in a diffuser can remove unpleasant odors in minutes.

10. Aids Weight Loss

The benefits of cinnamon powder for weight loss are very useful. Cinnamon has high content of antioxidants especially in the form of cinnamon powder. This makes it a natural weight loss product. Not only does it help wash away toxins, it also helps remove accumulated cellulite and fat. This results in the adjustment of the entire system and helps people lose weight. Another way to get rid of that extra weight is to boost the metabolic process with about 1 cup of cinnamon tea made from powder.

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