Carrots Benefits for Health Skin and Fitness

Carrots have always had a love/hate relationship with people, some love it in every shape and dish while others can’t stand it, they have been eaten as salads mostly when added with their best friends peas and paneer they have given us a beloved dish which especially makes Maggi noodles taste incredible, and now they have even made their way towards making desserts like cakes a delight. 

So what makes Bugs Bunny love carrots so much? Is it the sweet taste or is it the fact that he is a rabbit? Whatever the reason is, one thing is for sure, carrots are much more than an ingredient in salads, if consumed correctly as a part of a balanced diet, not only can it make dieting seem yummy but nutrients like vitamins A, K and C, antioxidants, iron, potassium, calcium and fibre will keep you fit and healthier even in your old age. If you don’t believe me then check out these amazing benefits of carrots below:

Carrots Health Benefits:

1. Prevents Cancer

Carrots contain two main forms of antioxidants called carotenoids and anthocyanins. Carotenoids are responsible for the orange and yellow colours of carrots and due to the anthocyanins, the carrots get their red and purple colours. When you see a carrot with any of the mentioned colours next time you will know which antioxidant is dominant in that carrot. 

Apart from giving them their colour, these antioxidants, especially carotenoid antioxidants like lutein and zeaxanthin, present in carrots can protect our bodies against free cancer-causing radical. These have been recognised to fight off cancers like prostate cancer, leukaemia, breast cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer and lung cancer.  

2. Controls Diabetes

Diabetics are always advised by their doctors to avoid starch-based vegetables and that’s why carrots are a good option for them to include in their diet. They are full of fibre and beta carotene, which helps create vitamin A, which helps normalize blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes.

Carrots consist of low calories and high in fibre content which keeps them at the lower end of the glycaemic index charts, making them acceptable for consumption by diabetics. Being a part of high fibre food items, carrots have been verified to prevent type 2 diabetes and can even be consumed by people suffering from that variant of diabetes. 

3. Reduces Cholesterol Levels

We need to have a healthy heart as every other organ in the body is dependent on the heart and the fibre content in carrots help keep ‘bad cholesterol’ in check. Potassium keeps high blood pressure in control and is useful in keeping any cardiovascular diseases away from us. Especially red carrots are instrumental in decreasing blood cholesterol levels by preventing the absorption of cholesterol from the digestive tract.

4. Improves Eyesight

Do you remember mom telling you to eat carrots because they are good for your eyes? Well, she was right, in fact carrot juice is one of the best sources. Carrots are full of natural resources like, lutein, zeaxanthin, beta-carotene, and vitamin C and all of them are important in combating oxidative eye damage and reducing the risk of age-related macular degeneration.

5. Keeps Liver Healthy

Carrots are full of antioxidant-rich micronutrients called carotenoids. A great thing about carotenoids is that these have anti-inflammatory properties that can improve liver health. Just like the brain and the heart, it is important to protect to liver. This is because each time you ingest unhealthy things this organ is the first to get hit. Lutein in carrot juice is one of the promising carotenoids thet is essential for the treatment of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Carrots Fitness Benefits:

1. Aids in Weight Loss

Carrots are a low-calorie food item and are supplemented with fibre, and if you are on a diet then you must eat foods that are filled with both soluble and insoluble fibre. The thing about fibre is that it takes a long time to get digested and therefore it stimulates a feeling of fullness which prevents a person from unnecessary munching on unhealthy foods and aids in losing weight.

2. Source of Energy

Hydration is important for maintaining healthy energy levels, and carrot juice helps to achieve this while providing the nutrients that our body needs very much. In addition, a glass of carrot juice is only 80 calories, making it a great choice whether you’re drinking alone for an afternoon boost or along with a large meal.

3. Boosts Metabolism

If someone’s metabolism is a little slow, then drinking carrot juice might just be the solution they are looking for. Aprt from consisting of vitamins A and C, carrot juice also contains significant amounts of B vitamins, especially vitamin B6, which aid in the digestive process by breaking down fats, proteins and glucose.

4. Skin Glow

We already know that Vitamin C is a powerful skin care ingredient, but read on to know why. This powerful antioxidant can increase the body’s collagen production (that is, what the skin begins to lose as it ages) and even protect it from UV-related damage. And sure, people can rely on flashy creams to boost their complexion with stuff, but try going natural and drink some carrot juice instead.

Carrots Process Benefits:

1. Improves Bodily Functions

There are many processes taking place in our bodies every minute which keep our organs active and it is vital to ensure their smooth functioning for our wellbeing. Nutrients like vitamin K strengthen our bones, fibre keeps the process of digestion in check and prevents constipation and vitamin C and iron boost our immune system. 

The antioxidants present in carrots keep our hearts healthy and the potassium regulates high blood pressure and contribute to improving heart health. Carrots are also full of vitamin A and lutein which is beneficial for the eyes and in the prevention of cataracts, night blindness and macular degeneration. All these vital nutrients are present in carrots and therefore it helps the smooth functioning of these process and improves the health of each organ.

2. Improves Oral Health

Any dentist will say that carrots, especially in the form of carrot juice, have a positive effect on a person’s oral pearl luster. In short, studies have shown that carrots contains vitamin C and keratin, which helps strengthen, protect, and repair enamel.

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