Broccoli Benefits for Health and Skin


Broccoli is the third NRI sister of cauliflower and cabbage and unlike its sisters which are loved and eaten everywhere broccoli, although equally nutritious, isn’t appreciated enough, especially by children. So let us give you five reason to eat broccoli every day.

Benefits of Broccoli 

1. Improves Dental Health

Broccoli is a superfood with a wide variety of nutrient that caters to each organ’s smooth functioning. Every organ receives numerous nutrients so that protection and maintenance both remain active parts of the process. For example, vitamin C, calcium and kaempferol present in broccoli reduces the risks of developing periodontal diseases.

Additionally, sulforaphane prevents oral cancers from developing. Iron content forms a protective layer over the tooth enamel which keeps the teeth strong and white. It is also filled with fibre which helps in easing inflammation and pain in the mouth. 

2. Useful during Pregnancy

Nutrition is essential for everyone to stay healthy but it becomes even more crucial when a person is responsible for another life as well. As rewarding as it is, pregnancy can also be difficult for the mother because the body has to constantly provide nourishment for the child which drains the mother of her needed nutrition, blood pressure and blood sugar are some of the vitals that keep fluctuating during the process which can become fatal for the baby if not cared for on time.

A pregnant body needs numerous vitamins to stay healthy and to keep the baby healthy as well and broccoli happens to have loads of it. Broccoli is a rich source of vitamin Bs especially B9 which develops the fetal brain and its spinal cord. It is also full of minerals and protein which is responsible for the cognitive development of the baby. 

3. Protects the Immune System

A healthy immune system means that your body is strong enough to fight off serious infections and can prevent illnesses from harming you. These infections aren’t just cold and flu, the list also includes free radicals that cause diabetes, heart diseases, anaemia, cataracts and arthritis, so we need to enrich our immune system to keep the life-threatening diseases away.

Vitamin C is the most important nutrient that keeps the immune system strong and luckily broccoli full of it. Vitamin C’s biggest contribution is helping the immune system prevent as well as treat different illnesses. 

Skin Benefits 

1. Halts Skin Ageing

Oxidative stress and reduced metabolic function over the years are the main cause of skin ageing. Although skin ageing as a process is unavoidable, a healthy diet can regulate the genetic expressions which can result in avoiding many age-related diseases. Sulforaphane is a bioactive substance in broccoli that slows biochemical changes in the body by enhancing the release of antioxidant genes. 

Broccoli also gives us vitamin C which inhibits many age-related skin damages including wrinkles to appear on the skin and also safeguards the body from skin diseases like shingles and skin cancer. 

2. Provides UV Protection

Imagine applying broccoli on your face as sunscreen every morning and roaming around looking like the Hulk, luckily that is not how broccoli protects our skins from harmful UV rays. Broccoli has a bioactive substance that protects our skin from cancer-causing UV rays by significantly reducing the growth of tumours. 

Sulforaphane also helps in reducing skin redness and inflammation caused by extreme exposure to UV rays. Frequent sunburns and redness can cause cancer and sulforaphane works on the cellular level to prevent skin redness by releasing a protein that is effective in treating sun damage.

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